Coming to “The What If Academy” gave me a sense of myself. Being introduced to the journey of personal growth, I started to uncover and connect to parts of myself I never knew existed. It has helped me to build better relationships with people around me. It has also allowed me to think on a clearer perspective, giving me the momentum to go after my dreams and to live each moment of the journey. I am grateful and honored to be a part of “The What If Academy” journey and excited for what is to come. I can’t recommend it enough; I have never experienced anything like this before in my life.
— Mwila Chilufya

Watch recent academy graduates share their experiences

‘The way you do one thing is the way you do everything’... These were amongst the first words I heard on the WhatIf Weekend. Simple and powerful.

Before I joined What If I lived a double life. Ambitious and creative on one hand, yet depressed and self-loathing on the other. And to me that was normal – just the way I was; and without knowing it, this darkness was what was picked up on the courses I took. Because at What If you can’t hide. If you’re willing to look at what is holding you back, it will be discovered. That happens through speaking and listening with the community of other young people who like you, want to have an amazing life. During the What If Weekend and the Tuesday evening sessions, the community of What If Graduates spoke of anxiety, conflicts within the family, being unable to finish what they started and so much more.
And it always came back to – ‘You are 100% responsible for your life’.

Those situations were all created by us...
The way my family would get upset with me because I didn’t wash the plates – well that’s because I would make a promise to doing things and never do them! That’s what I was doing in my house – that’s also how I was relating to my friends and to my goals, and to my future. And in that case it wasn’t just my family who were upset – it became me beating up myself. The tools What If teaches us are simple and powerful.

It’s wonderful to discover these things. The transformation is in what happens next. It’s the action one takes next. If you break your promise, do you understand what you’ve done?, the impact it’s had on others?, learn from it and move forward. Or do you do the same thing again?I’ve got a CHOICE now. Because now I know what I’m doing. I’m not blind now – I can see. I am not perfect. Through this year I have dabbled in many of my old behaviours, or should I say over indulged! There’s one thing always there for me. What If. No blaming. No shaming. Always there with non-judgement, love and care. Because what is blocking you is the way to your transformation. And that is what I discovered. And now I am equipped with practical actions to achieve that.
Sarah once told me ‘You can have anything you want Dubem, you have to make these tools part of your life and you really can’. And I’ve seen it.
There’s always ‘100% more to go’ in personal development. This is an amazing way to live. And it’s an absolute privilege to be a part of this community.

So if you’re willing, 3 days can alter your future forever. The only question is, do you want it to?
— Dubem

What If? has been a life changing experience for me.
Before attending the What If Weekend I felt very lost. I was unhappy in both my personal and work life. It seemed as if I was stuck and unable to move forwards.

Coming to the weekend and receiving coaching helped me to change this though.

I have had a great deal of therapy due to long-term mental health issues and it has always focussed on the current problem I may be having. However, another issue will soon arise and I will again require help to address this new matter.

The What If Academy has been different in the sense that through the weekend and subsequent evening sessions, I have gained skills and tools for life.

The wonderful thing is also that, unlike therapy, What If? is ongoing and not just temporary. Knowing that I can meet with the session leaders and the other What If Academy graduates on a weekly basis is a huge relief. This is because the type of conversation we have at the What If Academy is totally unlike any conversation I have elsewhere. It is completely open and frank, and What If creates an environment which is totally non-judgemental and incredibly supportive.

What If’s commitment and passion to changing young people’s lives for the better is inspiring and infectious.

I’ve seen What If staff work with homeless young people to get housing and unemployed youth to gain jobs. Watching the other What If Academy graduates learn and develop alongside me is equally as inspirational.

I didn’t know what to expect from the What If Weekend but I certainly didn’t imagine it to have the impact it has had on me, or that I would still be attending the evening sessions 6 months later.

I’ve gained confidence, insight and courage that I didn’t have before coming to the What If Academy. There are still many challenges that I face both now and in the future but I know that through what I have learnt so far at the What If Academy as well as what I will learn in later programmes such as What If We Cared? and What If I Wrote A Book? I will be able to overcome these challenges.

I can’t imagine my life now without my fellow What If Academy graduates being present in it. For the first time in a very long time I am excited and hopeful about the future and this is all thanks to the What If Academy.
— Jonny Benjamin MBE

Some of the things i’ve gotten from What If, just to name a few...


What If has introduced me to a community of people with a shared commitment to love, do and be better. So many things have been possible for me because of the things my What If relationships have inspired like new work, and having a friend to help me move home or support me in my new play and this has given me such a sense of belonging.


At What If, I feel that my good has been seen and acknowledged in a way that It never has before and I have found this to be so empowering. It encourages me to draw on my good and to be the best version of myself. Because I have learnt to acknowledge in such a special way I have been able to do the same with my friends and with the people in my life and it means a lot to know that I can contribute to them in this way. This has transformed my relationships, even those that had been falling apart.


At What If I have seen Sarah coach, and love and teach in a way that I have not seen in school, or college or uni or even in care. None of the above have truly set me up for this ‘life’ thing in the kind of way that being a part of the What If community has. I am so inspired by the way I see Sarah show up every week, and how much of herself she gives because she so fiercely believes in love and healing and a better world. Just knowing that this is possible liberates me to do the same in my life and I have received blessings upon blessings because of it.

A Can-do attitude

Since doing What If We Cared I have had a complete shift in perspective. One of the things I learnt was how much I complained, and how little it did for me. I hadn’t realised it, but probably about 80% of my communication was complaining and it was deeply unconscious. Since letting go of complaining, I have been able to manifest things in my life 100% faster. I have peace, and 100% more is available for me now.

Awareness of Self

Doing What If I wrote a book, I learnt what I love authentically in life and I have experienced a profound paradigm shift because of this. Knowing what I truly love has created a completely new context for my life. I now have a book out there in the world, about the thing that I love, and I have formed new rich and meaningful relationships purely out of having the book, and this has created even more opportunities for me... it’s been a beautiful a domino effect! I am not working at the moment but hope to after completing my training, and I have been able to receive money from the book during what could be a difficult time, this is a miracle to me.
I am so, so grateful for the What If Academy
— Nadège