What If We Cared? 

What If We Cared? is a programme inspired by Care Leavers to benefit all young people whatever their background.

What If We Cared? trains participants in how to advocate for themselves and others and how to challenge people and situations appropriately. It provides a context in which contribution to others is the foundation from which all of our own success can be accomplished. The community of young people in which this course takes place is a powerful learning context for success in the future.

We achieve these outcomes by delivering training in the following areas:
- How systems in society operate, such as local authorities and their departments and other systems which are publicly funded, social services, housing, education, the police, the NHS, etc. 
- Advocacy skills grounded in person-centred advocacy approaches. 

What If Evenings

When the What If Weekend has been completed, participants become a graduate of The What If Academy and are fondly referred to as TWIAGs. 

TWIAGs can attend our weekly training sessions. After the weekend TWIAGs will have acquired many new powerful life skills and will have begun to establish new friendships. The weekly sessions allow TWIAGs to bring all their questions, upsets, concerns, achievements – everything and anything that they are experiencing in life to the community of What If Academy Graduates. TWIAGs can attend as many or as few of the weekly sessions for as long as they wish. TWIAGs will always be welcome back no matter how long they might have been away. All of the difficult questions in life are welcome here.

What If I Wrote a Book?

The Book Launch for our first What If I Wrote a Book? Programme took place at Inspire who continue to give The What If Academy a home:


Dubem, Reanne, Nadege, Trent and Mwila launched their books. They are available to purchase on Amazon: 

Dubem: Letters of Friendship

Mwila: Letters of Joy,  

Andrea: Letters of Truth,  

Nadege: Letters of Love

What If I Wrote a Book is a 12-week course that What If Academy Graduates can apply after they have completed the What If Weekend. 

What If I Wrote a Book? allows young people to discover what they truly love in life and to use that knowledge to create a book that they produce and publish culminating in a group book launch. This programme trains participants to make powerful requests of others and to hold themselves and others accountable for the agreements they make. Participants learn how to respond to let downs, and to broken promises, and explore their own relationship to keeping their commitments. This project must be completed within the allocated time to ensure that each book is available for purchase at the time of the book launch. What If I Wrote a Book? trains participants in authentic creative leadership skills, and these skills are transferable to all areas of their lives.

Specific outcomes:

  • Young people will explore for themselves and identify within a group setting what they love and what they are authentically passionate about in life
  • Participants will select a topic for their book based on their understanding of what they authentically love
  • They will be trained in how to make requests of others to contribute the content of their book
  • They will be trained in how to manage their feelings and reactions in relation to the process of creating the book. It will build their confidence, self esteem and leadership skills.
  • They will organise a book launch
  • They will learn the process of how to self-publish a book
  • Once the book is published, this tangible accomplishment will be available as a talking point in job interviews and other social and networking opportunities.