Are you a Creative and… or… are you creative?

Have you been shortlisted so many times, only to miss out on the part/job each time? Or, would you like to get shortlisted in the first place?

In July 2017, we ran our first What If Weekend for Creatives with great success. We are planning to run this course again in 2018. Please register your interest by emailing us. We love hearing from you!


Cost: £100  

Date: TBC

Place: Near Elephant and Castle. 

This course will be open to anyone aged 18 and over.

Ask yourself...

  • Have you played countless gigs or acted in several roles but still get so excruciatingly nervous before each performance?

  • Are you a musician, performer, designer, producer, director, or artist of a genre you’re passionate about and would like to develop yourself alongside other creative, passionate people?

  • Are you feeling stifled, like you have to sell out, give up, or get a “proper job?”

  • Are you becoming cynical, angry, defeated, deflated, resigned, disappointed and frustrated?

  • Is it almost, maybe time to execute your backup plan?

  • Have you got a great CV and yet still can’t get the work you really want?


  • Do you want to live an amazing life in which you are continuously motivated, fulfilled and where there is only room for success (with lots of love, freedom, and joy thrown in for good measure!)? 



The What If Academy is a training organisation whose purpose is to impart tools and methods for thinking and living so that participants on our courses fulfil their true potential. The What If Academy believes that creativity is innate, and the potential for individuals and collectives to contribute creativity to the world is limitless.  We have designed tools and strategies that we teach at The What If Weekend for all creative people to reach further towards their ever evolving potential.

We believe that at the heart of every relationship lies connection and communication.  The What If Academy will train you in awareness of yourself and of others so that every connection you make with another person is maximised and leaves a spark of joy for both parties.  We guide you through the complexities of how you tick and how others tick so that you may uncover many of the barriers which have been preventing you from realising your dreams.

It’s an exciting time at What If as we are expanding the courses we are delivering and widening our reach. We started life as a training organisation delivering free personal development courses to young adults in deprived communities, with overwhelming success. We are committed to delivering affordable personal development courses so that everyday people can learn the tools for success. We believe that all people should be able to access the education and learning that will propel them forwards that is missing in traditional education. Our programmes are elite but the price of them isn’t!



The syllabus

This course gives participants the opportunity to learn our bespoke tools for living life with success at the very core – we call these tools ‘distinctions’. These distinctions form the basis of the What If Weekend for Creatives.

We have 10 core distinctions that are designed to form the What If Weekend for Creatives. The What If Weekend Leader may choose to include some or all of the distinctions below, and what is included is delivered in relation to the presenting needs of the group:

Keeping your word: We consider that keeping promises is the foundation for professional success. We discuss how to effectively, responsibly and compassionately clear up broken promises and things participants may have done in the past that bother them; this creates a clearer space to move forwards with integrity, clarity and focus.

Thin Slicing: This distinction allows participants to consider that the way they approach one thing in life is the way they approach almost everything in life. This learning gives participants the opportunity to objectively and compassionately consider their behaviour, their thinking patterns and their relationships, and how this relates to their performance in life.

Standing your ground (at all costs?...): This distinction focuses on the foundation for conflict to be expressed in the lives of the participants. We look at scenarios that foster conflict and look at how each person involved may maintain or give up their position. This distinction is for Creatives who are interested in looking for opportunities to understand why they experience disappointment, anger and confusion in relation to their work.

Fact vs Fairytale: This distinction gives Creatives a powerful insight into the world of interpretation and meaning. We support participants to understand that they are responsible for the meaning they add to every situation in their lives; and therefore they have the opportunity to shift their perspective and the meaning they add to situations where their interpretation does not serve to empower them. We believe that an understanding of this distinction allows Creatives to bring a new fundamental perspective to their work and to their lives.

Vibes: We consider how each individual participant’s actions and behaviours create their experience of work and of the people around them. This distinction encourages participants to objectively consider the friends they have and the people they spend time with.

Communication: This distinction presents the idea that one's world is created through the words they use to describe it. We believe that when one changes their words, one changes their world.

Reaction vs Response: We use this distinction to explore the difference in perception between these two states and look at the most beneficial way of responding to promote success.

Cause and effect: This distinction explores the ways in which participants drive their lives forward and considers situations that cause them to feel the impact of external forces that may hinder their progress towards the success they want.

Hideout behaviours: We explore each participant’s individual recipe for drama, stress and frustration. We consider the behaviours that accompany negative states of mind and what they do to ‘hide out’ from being happy and productive in life.

Goal setting: This session covers how goals are set, why they are important and what happens in the process of achieving them.